Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sonnia, Basing

I will touch up her pants before varnishing, but otherwise, done.  I'm glad to finally have knocked out my crew, and in short order to boot.  For my next trick, basing...

The box with miscellaneous bits (aka trash) that should come in handy...


  1. there is somthing wrong wiht the white under shirt, needs to be brighter in the center, looks too dingy. Leather and reds are great, the cigarette needs some grey at the end, clearly you haven't smoked much - which is a good thing!

  2. The dingy is shading. I could add a darker grey line right under the white highlights to emphasize that.

    And yes, I haven't smoked much (or at all). A dab of Codex Grey will do?

  3. I think a dab of grey will do, on my ork the end of the cigar is red because oxygen is being pulled through and thus the red burning at the end.

    In your case the cigarette is in the hand, so it is smoldering, thus you need ashes on the end.