Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Guild Guard are done!  Except for basing and maybe a detail or two here and there.

Then some proper progress on speed painting the Witchling Stalkers.  Reds and the vomit brown bits are done.


  1. Bastard! You forgot a title for this post! Screwed up my whole reader interface! If I weren't such an astute person, I wouldn't have realized you have a new post!

    That said, a good job, but the witchlings look off. The faces aren't quite right.

  2. There are still a few bits to do, notably their eyes, which is where that little area of black is. The facecloths were done white because it'll help them stand out.

  3. I shall be sending you various nuts and other delicious items to include some non-edible resin thingers, in exchange there will be a grot included that you will paint in delicious magical combinations for a project.

    For the bases, I wouldn't use the blue crystals exclusively, but I would include some...